Quick Start Guide

Follow 3 steps to start

We are happy Smart Teddy joined your family! He is innovative but very easy to use. Follow three simple steps and start the game!

Step 1. Charge Smart Teddy

Open the Velcro cover on the back of Smart Teddy

Insert the cable into the port and plug in the port in USB charger

In approximately 4 hours, the blue light will change to green light, which means the toy is fully charged

Make sure you don't charge Smart Teddy from your PC computer or laptop.

Step 2.
Turn On

Find the slider on Smart Teddy's back and shift it to the right. Smart Teddy will welcome you with the "I'm ready to play!" phrase

Step 3. Sync With The App

Download the Smart Teddy App and follow the onboarding instructions in the App

Customer care

Did something go wrong? Click “Help” in the App, and our customer care specialists will help you with any question. You can email us at hello@smartteddy.store or use the form below

Any questions?