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All My Emotions

All My Emotions

Early Learning Set
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All My Emotions

This set helps to build critical social-emotional skills. In this game, Smart Teddy will introduce seven basic feelings that most children have: happy, sad, angry, scared, interested, disgusted, and surprised.

Three Exciting Games to Explore Emotions!

  • Game 1. Introducing the Emotions

    This is the default mode. Just put Smart Teddy’s
    Super Paw on any card from the set, and he will tell more about it.

  • Game 2. Find the Emotion

    Smart Teddy describes an emotion and asks the child to find a card that shows it. There are two correct answers for every emotion, one face card and one story card.

  • Game 3. Match Emotion Faces and Stories

    Players begin by showing Smart Teddy any card from the set. Smart Teddy will tell them about the emotion on that card and ask to find a match.
    For example, if the child began the Happy face card, Smart Teddy would ask to see the Happy story card.


App control
NFC reader
Cards Size:
3’’x 3’’
Face cards
Story cards

How It Works?

Each card has an electronic tag that allows Smart Teddy to read it, using the Super Paw.

Cards work only with Smart Teddy and cannot interact with other devices.

Smart Teddy
is the talk of the town

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  • “The parent-designed toy to teach good habits in a fun way…”

  • “A furry companion that simultaneously helping kids set up good habits…”

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